In partnership with STYRIARTE 2016:

Opening on monday, 27th of june 2016, Hauptplatz 6, Graz.
Speech held by Mathis Huber 6 Manuela Schlossinger,
As a second event we invite you to the uncovering of an artwork at 10 pm at the Helmut List Halle.
Exhibition: 28th of june until 24th of july 2016.

There is no such thing as ONE single form of freedom. Only the relation to individuals defines whether it can be gained or used, or even foregone: This has always been one of the most important issues worth pondering.

Philosophy, politics, law and art – each field has developed an array of specific concepts in this regard. Artists have their own specific ways of responding to attempts to deprive them of their freedom, or they use such stratagems to subject art exclusively to their own specific rules. This exhibition spans an array of art ranging from socially critical and necessarily subversive works in Austrian art during the 1960s to an exploration of Joseph Beuys’ constructive statements which managed to unify life and art. It concludes with the different mechanisms that contemporary artists have developed in order to use the freedom they have been given in their art and in order to (re)act to, in, or through society.

Manuela Schlossinger

Reinisch Contemporary