Reinisch TopUp-Gallery Salzburg – MASTERPIECES OF ART

A summit of a very special kind: For the fifth time, the worlds of theatre and music converge with the realm of spectacular visual arts in the world renowned and revered festival city of Salzburg. It’s a small anniversary, a great honour – and an enormous motivation. In the magnificent, approximately 1000-year-old premises of the equally world-renowned Getreidegasse, we present a truly exceptional selection of MASTERPIECES OF ART in the TOP UP GALLERY, which has meanwhile become a hotspot. 


Reinisch TopUp-Gallery

17/7 – 20/8 2023

Getreidegasse 12, 5020 Salzburg

Mo – Sa 11am – 7pm

So 11am – 1pm


REINISCH ART CLUB: Wednesday, 26th of July 7pm

Maria Happel and Michael Martens will tell about “ihre Verhältnisse” and afterwards Tamara Mascara will hit the turntables!


Due to the limited number of participants, registration is required!

Registration: Email or +4369912381422


Virtuos and congenial:  At the Reinisch ArtClub, this time two beloved crowd favourites and Burg stars will shine together. “Jedermann” Michael Maertens and Maria Happel will present excerpts from their programme “Über unsere Verhältnisse”, with which they also celebrate their 30-year friendship and collaboration – with literary high comedy. After all, Erich Kästner, Joachim Ringelnatz, Heinz Erhardt and Loriot all serve as “text suppliers”. 

And the cultural highlights are far from over. Afterwards, Tamara Mascara will supply us with hot beats at the DJ booth.

Due to the limited number of participants, registration is required!

Registration: Email or +4369912381422

Special exhibition at the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium:


17. 07. to 20. 08. 2023

Artist Cocktail 23. 07., 3:30 p.m at Stiftskulinarium St. Peter.

Oil paintings and drawings by Christoph Schmidberger will be presented by Galerie Reinisch Contemporary in the refined ambience of the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium. The artist, who recently traded the glamorous world of Hollywood and the “endless summer” of California for the Alpine idyll of Upper Styrian solitude, 

presents us with a visual world that seems to have emerged from the hedonism of the 1990s.

Masterpieces of Art

They can neither talk nor sing, at least not according to our conventional criteria. Reciting, declaiming or playing music are foreign to them. Yet they possess their own unique and unmistakable language, often accompanied by tones and shades that receive worldwide acclaim and praise. Therein lies their expressive power and their intimacy with the overall composition.

The “Masterpieces of Art” we are showcasing this time tell viewers their own fascinating and perhaps even unsettling stories. They speak to us, every day anew, and in ever-changing ways. Therein lies one of their secrets. Anything is a matter of perspective, which has the power to transform the work of art and allow us to experience a marvellous transformation.

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” will occupy a central position in this year’s Salzburg Festival. His visionary perspective on a desolate and completely unstable world also, with a slight variation, allows for a current question or statement to arise: “To see or not to see.” 

One should listen to the language of the images presented here, as they are much more than mere show-pieces. However, in this case seeing is believing. 

We would be delighted to welcome you and introduce you to our brilliant protagonists. Seeing and marvelling can serve as wonderful complements to one another. Often, a single glance is enough.

With this in mind, Helmut Reinisch and his lion-team extend a warm welcome to you.

Reinisch Contemporary