BIG SUR REAL – Branko Lenart

Opening: 17. Mai 2023

Introduction: Günther Holler Schuster
Duration:  bis 15. June 2023

Preview durning Gallery Weekend 12. – 14. May 2023

For his latest book project, Branko Lenart has turned to the process of
selection as a creative act. He has compiled 119 photos from the years 1970 to
2020 under the title „BIG SUR REAL”. It is a journey into his own past, as well
as an attempt to reinterpret what already exists, what is already known. The
frequent traveller has sifted through documents of his journeys to the southern
climes of the world and created a „Subjective Topography” from them. It
is not necessarily a journey to happiness. Reality has its shares and does not
only exist in the representational legibility, but is rather to be sought in the
element of narrative. Reinisch Contemporary will show a representative overview of this work series.

Reinisch Contemporary