25. June – 14. July 2012

The human need for sensuality, passion and opulence is at the centre of Reinisch Contemporary’s first exhibition focusing purely on sculpture. Ranging from sardonic to archaic, WINDPHALL (German title: PHALLOBST) presents handpicked works by Josef Sulek, Thomas Stimm, Anton Petz und Christian Kri Kammerhofer. Each of them deals with subjects of lust, temptation and longing in their own distinctive ways.

Curator Gerlinde Schiestl about WINDPHALL:

“From the beginning of conscious moulding techniques, the human body and the haptic experience of it, have been the subject of innumerable manifestations of cultic and cultural history. In parallel, the outcomes of plant growth were linked to fertility and temptation.”

Through colour, shape and material, the sculptures featured in WINDPHALL radiate signals of seduction, both obvious and covert. Through symbolism, humour and conceptualisation, they tempt the audience to recognise echoes of themselves. After all, the objects on show evolve around enduring questions which humankind has faced ever since the Stone Age and the answering of which has given rise to a constellation of myths and symbols: golden apples of biblical immortality; enchanting nymphs of antiquity; fortifying fruit of the Celtic island of Avalon.

“Ranging from overtly erotic design vocabularies and subtle aesthetic allusions in colour and content to caustic irony, the works of these four artists combine to form an exciting conglomerate, which invites the observer to a sensual experience.”

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