Opening Friday, 14 June 2018, 7 pm
Hauptplatz 6, 8010 Graz
Introduction: Mathis Huber & Manuela Schlossinger

The transformation, mutation of and break with precedents has been one of the recurring fundamental principles of creative art since time immemorial. For it was points of friction within established structures which made paradigm shifts and development possible in the first place. Art, in particular, has developed means and ways of changing itself and society that go far beyond Kant’s “disinterested pleasure”. Thus, according to Erwin Ringel, the primary responsibility for the required process of transforming civilization into culture rests with art. An even more pertinent question arises as to whether art itself is a kind of metamorphosis, an act of transformation, when colour meets canvas, material meets wall, or an object meets space, in an unpredictable, controlled, random or composed, artistic process of freedom. This year, in cooperation with STYRIARTE, Galerie Reinisch Contemporary picks up on the former’s theme: “Transformed” and, in this exhibition, examines different mechanisms of metamorphosis in art by offering examples of eleven international positions.

Manuela Schlossinger

Reinisch Contemporary