Dear friends of our gallery,

Yes, this is a time for staying home and, yes, also for cosiness, for everything that brings us joy, now more than ever.
Art and knotted myths influence our moods, our wellbeing, awaken emotions and memories within us. We don’t see art as an accessory but as sustenance. Often, art is not immediately explicable, it sparks curiosity, keeps us alert and raises questions.

This is also a time for new ideas and visions. Collectively. We would be pleased to receive your ideas and questions.
With this in mind, my team and I hope you enjoy the current virtual tour of our gallery.

Stay healthy, look after yourselves and, above all, look after others as well.


Helmut Reinisch +43 664 321 99 13
Manuela Schlossinger +43 699 123 814 22
Peter Kindermann +43 664 245 16 66

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More than 25 years ago, Helmut Reinisch began to collect, exhibit and trade contemporary Austrian and international art. Alongside works by promising new talents the collection also includes pieces by artists such as Arnulf Rainer, Hubert Schmalix, Erwin Wurm and Joseph Beuys.

Operating across genre boundaries, Reinisch Contemporary explores ostensibly disparate fields of work and the connections between them. From time to time, fields of resonance between selected pieces ranging from fine arts and sculpture to textiles and photography are brought to light.

Through exhibitions, residencies and cross-disciplinary projects at its locations in central Graz and nearby Kalsdorf Castle, Reinisch Contemporary creates links between artists, collectors, experts and the wider public.


Reinisch Contemporary